How to Use A 10 ml Amber Glass Roller Bottles For Essential Oils

Pshhh…really a roller bottle for essential oil?!

I know I know…but hear me out and I’ll tell you why is it critical when utilizing essential oils that you store them in amber or blue glass bottles.

Specifically essential oil roller bottle or also called as essential oil rollerballs bottle is a small chap stick sized bottles that have a metal ball on their application end.

Ideal for topical application over skin.

Necessary oils are fragrant concentrates that are removed from plants and botanical.

Numerous essential oils are extracted by steam refining; the raw material is encased in a unique bit of gear called a still (picture a vegetable steamer) that collects into a distiller.

Then the oil from the raw materials will be settle on the top of the water and can be skimmed off.

Other essential oils, in particular, those that originate from citrus, are extracted through physical squeezing.

Why Glass Essential Oil Roller Bottles Are Far Better Than Plastic

Lot of times essential oil glass roller bottles are skipped over for plastic containers because of the chances that the container might break.

The probability of damage is exceptionally insignificant in contrast with different dangers that might be taken if essential oils are put away in plastic.

Although it might appear to be more cheaper and easy to utilize plastic containers for essential oil potions or recipes.

There are certain drawbacks to using plastic containers.

Since essential oils are a great degree powerful–and rather volatile–substance,normal force of these essential oils comes to fruition by extricating the key embodiment from plants of different sorts.

They can destroy a plastic stockpiling compartment after long storage time.

Worst case scenario, if its a cheap plastic container the chemicals used to make the plastic containers could turn the essential oils toxic.

Well made essential oil glass roller bottles are rigid and can be kept in different situations, for example, handbags or travel sacks with no requirement for unique compartments.

Why Should We Use Amber Essential Oil Roller Bottle?

diy-essential-oil-roll-on-bottle-blends-naturally-loriel-200x300 How to Use A 10 ml Amber Glass Roller Bottles For Essential OilsNow that we understand why it’s critical to utilize glass containers to store natural oils and oil mixes, we find that there is another question that needs to be answered – why should we use hued essential oil roller bottles?

Most house hold oils (cooking,skin and hair care) don’t have a short time frame of practical usability in which they will turn sour.

In fact, they can stored for considerable length of time,if put away in the right containers and spot.

But with essential oils one component that can affect the properties and quality is exposure to certain wavelength of light.

Dim glass, for example, golden cocoa or cobalt blue, can shield natural oils from daylight and protect the viability of your valuable oils.

This is the reason when acquiring essential oil roller ball bottle, it is advised to buy them with dim hued  and store them in shade.

Essential Oil Roller Bottle Recipes And Blends

At this point you can stir up your own essential oil roller bottle recipes or utilize those that are recommended by others.

When blending in a roller bottle, first expel the ball from the highest point of the roller bottle by popping it off.

It is best to then include the few drops of essential oils to the roller bottle base.

At that point, fill whatever is left of the roller bottle with a carrier oil.

Carrier oils can be sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, or olive oil.

Replace the roller ball on the jug, secure the top, and shake the container tenderly.


I tend to maintain 1:10 ratio when it comes to essential oil vs carrier oils, but its just my recommendation.

Stomach cramps relief:

5 drops of spearmint/peppermint essential oil

5 drops of clove oil

10 drops of ginger oil. Its like a Moscow mule for your aching muscles!

Sore muscle relief blend: 

5 drops of peppermint essential oil

10 drops of clove oil

5 drops of eucalyptus (optional)

Stress relief: 

5 drops of sandalwood

5 drops of bergamot

5 drops of lemon grass

Sleep better:

5 drops of frankenscience

10 drops of lavender

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