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15 Best Essential Oils for Itchy Skin Rashes

Aromatherapy use of essential oils are one of the well known methods, but did you know  that these essential oils ...
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What Causes Essential Oil Allergies ?

Hmmm let's see....what is the best way to answer this question with out spooking every one out. Here's how we ...
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99 Essential Oil Recipes For All Occasion and Purposes

Here's a list of essential oil recipes that would be ideal for any situation Homemade Essential Oil Recipes for Everyday ...
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Best Essential Oil Spray Guide for Beginners

Essential oils are extracted from plants, and they can improve your lifestyle in a whole raft of ways. From increasing ...
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20 Best Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes for 2018

Essential oils and aromatherapy go hand-in-hand,so its not a surprise that there are probably hundreds of essential oil diffuser recipes ...
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6 Essential Oil Combinations For Lotions And Their Recipes

Believe it or not, I've been using Nivea moisturizing lotion for almost two decades now. In comparison it blows my ...
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How To Make Your Own Essential Oil Blends For Allergies

From allergies to aromatherapy,the use of essential oil is vast. Every essential oil has a different active ingredient that makes ...
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23 Best Carrier Oils for Essential Oils And Mixing Ratio

What Are Carrier Oils For Essential Oils? They are named carrier oils or also as base oil,because they do carry ...
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5 Must Have Essential Oil Supplies For Beginners

In this articles, I would like to walk you through some of the essential oil supplies I use and others ...
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Best Essential Oil Recipes for Seasonal Allergies

More I research into essential oils, more I've come to realize that the applications are vast. So, I figured I'd ...
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How to Use A 10 ml Amber Glass Roller Bottles For Essential Oils

Pshhh...really a roller bottle for essential oil?! I know I know...but hear me out and I'll tell you why is ...
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Best Essential Oil Bug Spray Guide And Recipes For Newbies

Any outdoors loving person knows that a good bug spray is essential for a hiking or camping trip. But those ...
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How To Prepare And Use Essential Oil Inhaler

Benefits of Essential Oil Personal Inhalers Some essential oils are applied for topical skin disorders, in which case inhaling the ...
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Essential Oil Chart for Its Uses,Benefits, Application and Properties

The use of essential oils for medicinal and cosmetic purposes precede modern medicine by centuries. Our ancestors have been using ...
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